Председатель Государственного Совета

Public Figure

Despite his multifarious activities at the Tatarstan Parliament, Mr. Farid Kh. Mukhametshin as a conspicuous statesman contributes substantially to the social and political stability and inter-ethnic & inter-confessional peace and accord in Tatarstan.

He heads non-governmental Assembly of the Tatarstan People. The Assembly has its branches around the Republic, which are active in safeguarding and development of different ethnic cultures. A lot of attention paid to issues of migrant policy and migrant workers integration.


In July 1999 Mr. Farid Kh. Mukhametshin initiated constituting the “Tatarstan – New Century” civic movement which is one of the most numerous in the Republic. Members and supporters of this democratic movement actively advance federalism principles in the Russian Federation. “Tatarstan – New Century” also co-ordinates implementation of the Earth Charter1  principles in the RT.


Being a real car enthusiast, Speaker Mukhametshin chairs “Club-21” (rarity cars). The Club members take part in many motor rallies in Tatarstan and around Russia, call public attention to the romance of the past.





1 A document prepared under the UN aegis by experts from around the world and whose aim is to develop a new approach to universal values with due account for environmental protection.


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